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To allow your oxygen-producing plants to thrive, the maintenance of carbonate hardness (KH value) is very important, especially since biological processes in the pond continually reduce the carbonate hardness. A satisfactory value (6 to 8° KH) fights acidity in the pond environment and helps oxygen-producing plants to grow and develop, thanks to bound CO2. The Velda VT KH plus water solution is a very effective means of increasing the carbonate hardness of your pond. It mainly consists of calcium and magnesium carbonates to provide enough mineral nutrition for the oxygen-producing plants. This 7.5 L quantity of VT KH plus is suitable for treating 45000 litres of pond water.

  • Increasing the carbonate hardness of the pond water quickly and easily
  • Volume: 7.5 L
  • 7.5 L treats 45000 litres of water
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