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Plant residues and fish waste will increasingly pollute your pond floor. Particularly in low-oxygen conditions, the bottom layer will acidify and the bacterial conversion of organic constituents is not possible anymore, severely compromising the pond environment and water quality. This 2500 ml bottle of Velda bio-oxydator is ideally applied in early spring and autumn and suitable for treating 25 ㎡ pond floor surface. With its three active ingredients it will resolve the problem as follows: The pH-regulating granules ensure that the bottom layer does not acidify, the slowly dissolving natural chalk ensures the correct water hardness in the bottom zone of the pond and the added micro-organisms (in freeze-dried form) will immediately start removing the pond sludge and mud.

  • Volume: 2500 ml
  • Removes pond sludge and prevents the formation of new sludge
  • 2500 ml treats 25 ㎡ pond floor surface
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