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These sauna heating stones of high heat capacity and high resistance to temperature fluctuations are a perfect addition to your sauna rooms. They provide you with a more convenient and comfortable sauna experience. Natural volcanic rocks: These rocks are taken from volcanoes. Each volcanic rock is durable and high-temperature resistant, perfect for the sauna heater.Wholesome stones: Volcanic stones are rich in various minerals such as Ca, Na, P, etc. They can provide trace elements to your body while you are enjoying the sauna.Heat up quickly: These sauna rocks heat up quickly, producing steam and retaining the heat in the sauna heater. Note:For safety, please follow the sauna heater instruction on how to fill the stones in the container.

  • Material: Stone
  • Size of each stone: Approx. 6 ~ 8 cm
  • Total weight: 25 kg
  • High heat capacity
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