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This quality professional petrol & diesel engine leakage tester is used to quickly and accurately diagnose failed or leaking valves, pistons rings and head gaskets. Using this unit with a supply of compressed air, a value can be set on the gauge. Then the air is allowed to escape into the cylinder. Thus the exact cause of leakage can be located by the flowing compressed air thanks to the quite accurate acoustic. 2 Chrome rubber cone extensions guarantee easy push into plug hole. This kit comes with a large easy-to-read gauge with a diameter of 80 mm.All tools are neatly packed in a sturdy case for easy transportation & safe organized storage.

  • Suitable for petrol and diesel engines
  • Delivery includes:
  • Pressure Gauge: 80 mm in diameter
  • 100 cm long hose with quick coupling and pressure regulator
  • Tester with 1 adapter M14 x 1.25 and M18 x 1.5 mm
  • Adapter:
  • 1 pc of M14 x 1.25 mm for multi-valve engines
  • 1 pc of M12 x 1.25 mm for VW diesel engines
  • 1 pc of M24 x 2.00 mm for diesel engines
  • 1 pc of M12 x 1.25 mm for motorcycles
  • 1 pc of M10 x 1.00 mm for motorcycles and diesel engines
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