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This nonwoven Fabulous World Stripes wallpaper from Noordwand features sophisticated white and pink vertical stripes pattern. Nonwoven wallpaper has several advantages over traditional wallpaper, the most important of which is that the glue is applied only to the wall, and not to the wallpaper itself. This means you can easily cover the wall in glue and can avoid the hassle of using a pasting table. An additional advantage is that the paper doesn't need to soak and therefore will not expand or shrink after application, which makes it easier to position the wallpaper strips and follow the pattern correctly. As easy as it is to apply nonwoven wallpaper, it is even easier to remove as it will easily come off in one piece. Please note this wallpaper is pervious to air and moisture, so it cannot be washed. In preparation, we advise you to follow the included instructions and ensure the wall's surface is clean, dry, sound, and uniform in colour. Any stains should be washed off and the entire surface should be lightly sanded.

  • Colour: White and pink
  • Material: Nonwoven fabric
  • Size: 10 x 0.53 m (L x W)
  • No pattern
  • Easy to apply, glue is applied only to the wall
  • Easy to remove
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