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The Natural garden screen is a versatile fence that can be used for a variety of purposes: adding privacy to your city garden, decorating your backyard, and forming a windbreak. It is a nice, but resilient fence, created from natural heather with a galvanised wire for extra resistance.The degree of opacity varies between 50% and 90% depending on the thickness. This heather screen will be ideal for your garden, terrace, balcony greenhouse, or patio and is suitable for both commercial and residential use. Delivery includes 2 garden screens.

  • Material: Natural heather and galvanised wire
  • Size: 1 x 5 m (H x L)
  • Degree of opacity: Between 50% and 90%
  • Wind protection
  • Thickness: Apx. 1 cm
  • Delivery includes 2 garden screens
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