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Whether you are eating breakfast cereal or oatmeal, or fill it with bread toppings, M&Ms or nuts, this dispenser from HI will keep everything crispy and fresh in the most decorative way! The dispenser features a transparent body with a dispensing area and two 3,5 liter acrylic bins that can store a wide range of food. Getting the desired choice is at ease, just turn the handle and let the food fall into your bowl underneath. No more half empty packs in your cabinets or individual canisters, but a beautiful, space-saving and handy dispenser! The dispenser will look very chic on your counter or breakfast table and is very easy to operate!

  • Colour: Black and transparent
  • Material: PS, PP, TPR, ABS
  • Dimensions: 32,6 x 19 x 42 cm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 1,6 kg
  • Capacity (each): 3,5 L
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