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This kit is designed to measure the amount of fuel that every injector returns to the post tank rapidly and effectively. This way you will be able to know whether any injector is damaged. This kit allows simultaneous measurement of the pressure of all 6 injectors. There are 24 injector adaptors suitable for BOSCH-01, SIEMENS-02, DENSO-03 and DELPHI injectors. This kit also has a anodized hanging bottle rack for engine bay. A moulded case is included for transportation and storage.

  • 6 x Adapter: for Bosch injectors.
    6 x Adapter: for Siemens injectors.
    6 x Adapter: for Delphi injectors.
    6 x Adapter: for Denso injectors.
    6 graduated reservoir bottles for use when running engine(capacity of 105 ml.).
    6 fuel-resistant transparent hoses 650 mm. long.
    6 graduated manometer tubes for use when cranking engine(capacity of 95 ml.).
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