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Free Delivery on All Products


The 543-piece oil pan plug screws and O-ring set from BRILLIANT TOOLS is an indispensable accessory set for repair jobs. The set includes oil drain plug screws and copper sealing O-rings of various sizes to meet different requirements. The set is delivered in an assortment box.

  • Material: Steel, aluminium and copper
  • Delivered in an assortment box
  • Delivery includes:
  • 34x Oil drain plug screw: 5x 10 mm, 5x 12 mm, 5x 13 mm, 5x 14 mm, 5x 15 mm, 3x 16 mm, 3x 18 mm, 3x 20 mm
  • Sealing O-rings made of copper: 50x 6 mm, 50x 8 mm, 50x 10 mm, 50x 12 mm, 50x 13 mm, 50x 14 mm, 50x 15 mm, 50x 16 mm, 50x 18 mm, 50x 20 mm
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