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One-man brake bleeding is made easy by using this hand-held 1L vacuum pump together with the included 0.7L new fluid fill bottle. Using standard workshop air supply (6-12bar), the kit works efficiently to flush and refill the brake system on most vehicles. The brake bleeder withdraws fluid from the bleed nipple. Hose for fluid extracting is also included. This list is for a set of brake and clutch bleeders with hose, a fluid bottle, 2 metal connectors and 4 extra connectors.

  • Old Fluid Bottle Capacity: approx. 1ltr
  • Fill Bottle Capacity: approx. 0.7ltr
  • Air Consumption: 180ltr/min
  • Metal connector: 1/4 "(0,64 cm)
  • 4 extra connectors: 21-30 mm, 24-32 mm, 28-37 mm, 32-41 mm
  • Air Requirement: 6-12 bar
  • Vacuum: 60%
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