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This engine compression tester kit is designed to check for internal engine failures such as bad valves, worn-out piston rings or head gaskets, or excessive carbon build-up. This kit is delivered with 1 rubber hose and 4 heavy-duty spark plug adapters in different sizes to fit various vehicles. The straight and angled tube connectors have a rubber cone that doesn't need to be threaded and can be used to test the compression of almost any engine. The easy-to-read gauge has a dual scale that ranges from 0-300 psi and 0-21 kg/cm². Delivery includes 1 compression tester, 1 rubber hose, 4 spark plug adapters, 1 straight pressure tube and 1 angled pressure tube. All pieces are neatly organised in a blow-moulded case.

  • Material: Rubber + aluminium
  • Pressure gauge diameter: 7.7 cm
  • Thread size: M18 x 1.5 mm/M14 x 1.25 mm/M12 x 1.25 mm/M10 x 1.25 mm
  • Hose length: 45 cm
  • Straight pressure tube length: 15 cm
  • Angled pressure tube length: 15 cm
  • Gauge with dual scale: 0-300 psi and 0-21 kg/cm²
  • Case size: 30 x 22 cm (L x W)
  • Delivered in a blow-moulded case
  • Delivery includes:
  • 1 x Compression tester
  • 1 x Rubber hose
  • 4 x Spark plug adapter
  • 1 x Straight pressure tube
  • 1 x Angled pressure tube
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