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Our user-friendly paintless dent repair set removes dings and dents in your vehicle without damaging the paint job. Using this paintless dent repair tool set does not damage your car like other methods. Dents are removed from the backside of the panel so you don't have to sand, use paint fillers (body putty), or repaint. No panels will need replacement or painting, saving you the hassle of blending just the right paint colour to match the adjacent panels. Paintless dent removal is a delicate process and always demands the best tools. So, this set is a great choice! This set includes 5 paintless dent repair rods in different sizes.

  • Colour: Yellow and red
  • Material: Spring steel
  • Adjustable handle
  • Delivery contains:
  • 1 x 27 x 4 cm hook
  • 1 x 35 x 5 cm hook
  • 1 x 51,8 x 5 cm hook
  • 1 x 28,5 x 9 cm hook
  • 1 x 50,5 x 9 cm hook
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