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Free Delivery on All Products


This 27-piece tire repair kit has everything you need to make repairs easy and keeps your tires working tough. The tool kit offers every tool you need to repair a flat tire that be punctured by pointed objects. Repair up to 20 flat tires with the 20 tire plugs included. The repair kit is ideal for cars, jeeps, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, motorcycles, tractors, trailers and more. Additionally, all 27 pieces of tools are packed in a plastic box for easy storage and transportation.

  • Delivery includes:
  • 1 xT-handle insert tool
  • 1 x T-handle spiral probe tool
  • 20 x Self-vulcanisation strip
  • 1 x Replacement tip for insertion
  • 1 x Lubricant
  • 2 x Allen key
  • 1 x Tube vulcanisation solution
  • All packed in a storage box
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