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In order to check the condition of your engine you cannot do without this 20 piece compression tester. The gauge has a range of 0-70 Bar / 0-1000 Psi. The compression tester comes with 4 different glow plugs and 3 injector adaptors. It also features a built-in resetter and all adapters have a shortcut. An elbow makes it possible to work in more difficult angles.

  • Compression tester for: diesel engine
    Gauge: 0-70 Bar / 0-1000 Psi
    Including elbow: yes
    Hose length: 36 cm
    Built-in resetter: yes
    Including carrying case: yes
    Includingconnection parts: yes

    Glow plugs:
    M 10 x 1,0 x 68 mm
    M 10 x 1,25 x 54 mm
    M 10 x 1,25 x 68 mm
    M 12 x 1,25 x 45 mm
  • Injector adapters:
    M18 x 1,5
    M24 x 2,0
    M24 x 1,5
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