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This product comprises of a folding screen with two reflecting sides (gold and silver) and has a diameter of 80 cm. Reflector backdrops are an essential tool when filming or taking photos. A reflector backdrop is a screen that is used in photography to reflect light. These reflector backdrops are mainly used to reflect different types of light like sunlight and studio lights etc. This is used to brighten up the shadows of the object. The colour of the screen determines the colour of reflection. Golden screens are widely used in portrait photography and give the skin a warm glow. The screen is compact and ideal for use on location or in a studio.

  • Number of reflectors: 2 in 1
    Colours: Gold and silver
    Diameter: 80 cm
    Foldable: Yes
    SKU: 190021
  • Fabric: Polyester: 100%
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