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The polishing buff pad is a favorite choice for numerous car lovers to apply it to car polishing, maintenance and beauty. Periodical buffing and waxing by the sponge polishing pad keep your car's beautiful appearance for a long time. Moreover, the round sponge has fine porosity, super elastic, and water absorb ability, so you can add polishing liquid to the round sponge to achieve better polishing effect. The sponges are also bendable, washable and reusable. Additionally, polishing and waxing by these sponge pads do not damage the car paint, and you can use them without any worries. This set is suitable for polishing machine with 180 mm pad.

  • Colour: Multicolours
  • Diameter: 180 mm
  • White sponge hardness: Soft
  • Delivery contains:
  • 8 x White sponge (flat surface)
  • 5 x Fake woolen fleece
  • 1 x 180 mm velcro disc
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