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Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are only valid for the Pay Later Alligator website. You accept the use and you abide by the terms and conditions, and transactions made via this website. We recommend you to go thoroughly and read the terms and conditions before proceeding further, and print a copy for future reference. By staying on this website, registering, and making transactions through it you confirm that you have understood and agreed on the terms.

If you defer, we request you to please close this website.

To proceed with the order, you will be asked for personal details like full name, address, email address, and phone number. Pay later alligators have also the right to use your details according to the terms of the privacy policy. By proceeding further, it ensures you have agreed with the terms and conditions.

Legal Service Availability

By placing an order on your website, you vouch that you are legally allowed to use and provide personal information online and that you are not underage, i.e. at least 18 years old.

Alterations to the Website

We have all the rights reserved to make changes in the terms and conditions with time. All changes will be imposed after updating it on the website. It is highly recommended and pursued to read the terms every time you visit the website to check for alterations.

Order Process

You have to check the box of affirmation that you agree with the applicability of terms and understand it religiously. The order process won’t proceed unless the terms and conditions are not accepted.

The operational terms will be applied to your final order unless you especially agree to the revised version of terms and conditions.

Before placing an order on our website, you must register with us by log-in details, username and password are all you need. Make sure the information you provide should be accurate and complete every time. Please keep your login details confidential, in case of any misuse Pay Later Alligator won’t be responsible. We shall not stand accountable for any security failure from your end. In case you need more details regarding your log in details please contact us.

Order Confirmation

We will send you an acknowledgment email that we have received your order once you click confirm after placing the order. Once we order dispatched, our team will update the tracking information of your order. We will send you another email to inform you that your order is being dispatched.

All products that you ordered via our website will be dispatched after we have received the full payment of the ordered products.


Payments can be made by any method mentioned in our payment method section. We prepare the order on payment confirmation of the payment method used, we check if the item is in stock and then ship it to the given address.

To assure that you are using your debit or credit card, we will ask for permission to verify the information provided to us (submitted by you). By agreeing to this process you agree with our terms. This is done to double-check your identity, this won’t affect your credit rating. All information shared by you will be evaluated in accordance with our privacy policy and the Data protection under Act 2018.


We assure payment safety, once you proceed to the payment stage our security guard is activated automatically. The secure mode ensures that all your card details are encrypted for better security.

Please note down we will need your debit or credit card details only to proceed with the order every time you use this website, we won’t contact you through email to ask for account or card details. If you find an email on our behalf claiming for payment, do not proceed, immediately contact our customer service.

We use our mandatory endeavors to ensure that the website is free from viruses and other miscellaneous bugs that might harm your device or files. It is our responsibility to advise you to use the up-to-date device and anti-virus software to stay safe from harmful viruses and bugs entering through websites. We will not entertain any damage caused by these viruses, or by visiting our website.


Delivery charges and timescales may vary with the location and the product you wish to receive. For further information, please contact us.

We try our best to make prompt deliveries as promised. However, sometimes there can be delays due to unforeseen reasons. We shall not be responsible for the delay caused by conditions that are not in our control. We will appreciate your patience and cooperation in such situations.

If no one is available to receive your order on the given address, a note will be left at your doorstep or given to your neighbor to direct about your order. By that time your order will be returned to our nearest carrier depot, the note will advise you on how you can proceed with the delivery of your order.

In case you receive a damaged item or a missing item from your order, we will make arrangements for it. Either we will send you the missing item or replace the damaged one or simply refund you the order amount. Under consumer protection distance selling regulations 2000, we will refund you the order amount.

certainty of content

Human or system errors are inevitable, the price you pay is the price you see while making an order. But there can be exceptions and errors due to which there can be a difference in the price mentioned and the price you paid. In such cases, we contact you immediately to reconfirm the order with the actual price or give you the option to cancel the order. If we are unable to contact you, the order will be canceled automatically. If you cancel but are paid already, we will refund you the full amount.

All prices are shown in pounds sterling and comprise VAT at the applicable rate. The delivery charges are not included in the price.

All sizes, measurements, and dimensions are roughly exact. We try to exhibit it as accurately as possible, yet there is no guarantee to complete accuracy.

We try to keep the pictures of our product as real as possible without compromising the originality of the product.


You have the right to cancel your order within 14 days, starting from the day you received the order under the consumer protection distance selling regulation. You will be fully refunded of the price paid for the products. In case you wish to cancel the order, you must inform us through email. We will then arrange for collection. The order should be in its original state like it was sent to you, it is your utmost responsibility to take care of the products till they are in your possession. If you fail to abide by this obligation, we have the right to take action against you for compensation.

These terms will not change your other statutory rights as a consumer. For detailed information regarding rights as a consumer under the protection of the distance selling regulations, please contact a nearby consumer advice center or any local authority.

In rare cases, there is a possibility the product specification changes. If so, we will contact you as soon as possible and offer you an alternative product similar to the original one. If you are not satisfied with the replacement or substitute product, please contact our customer representative. We will arrange a collection and refund your amount complying with our refund policy.

It is requested to inform us within a day or two if you received a wrong product or a defective product. Please do not return the product before informing us, wait for us to contact and offer you a solution, a repair or replacement, or a full refund. We will refund for the defective item or for the missing item.

In case of Return of the product or products, in any circumstances, It is mandatory to be securely packed back to original packing or close to Orignal Packaging by the customer to avoid delay / Non-acceptance of return parcel by the courier companies as well as to avoid any further damages to the product or products while in transit.


The refund will be made via the original payment method which you paid for the order. The refund will be made subject to the regulations set for damaged goods.

Legal support

Under law our website is in compliance with the contract of sale, while national law may give additional benefits. The legal support covers any sort of damage that might occur during shipping or mishandling.

In case of a lack of compliance, you will be given the option to repair or replace or get a refund. If your purchased product is damaged, feel free to contact our customer service.

Your rights under the legal guarantee incline invalid if any party other than the manufacturer modifies the product.

Complaints Procedure

Customers can file a complaint by following the basic procedures. Complaints will be answered within 14 days after the date of receipt. It is requested from the customer to allow a 4 weeks’ time to solve the complaint on mutual understanding. After this phase, a dispute will be opened that is qualified for the dispute settlement.

Are you not satisfied with our complaint handling procedure and service? Please drop us your feedback on our email address.

Voucher codes

Every attained coupon code or voucher is valid for one customer for one-time use.

In order to avail of the discounts, your orders should meet the following conditions: minimum order value, selected items, number of items, expiry date, etc. Before finalizing the order make sure the discount is valid. The validation of the order and its payment assures that it agrees with the amount indicated and can claim for reimbursement of the withdrawal discount code after payment. 

No refund will be catered if you proceed with the order while the discount coupon has not been processed properly.

Note that the discount codes cannot be merged as other coupon codes.

The terms of use, validity, and value of the discount codes can be changed or varied without any notice.

If the code doesn’t apply, please contact our customer service or simply email us.

Ownership of rights

By agreeing to our terms and conditions you accept that all the copyrights are available for your personal use only and remain our property at all times.

As mentioned earlier you may download and keep a copy of the terms for future perspective. It is strictly prohibited by the law to use, copy, reproduce, publish, distribute, or display any sort of information or content for any sort of use without our consent.


We will not be liable for the losses that derive from our deficiency to abide by these terms that include the following categories: loss of revenue, loss of business, loss of profit, loss of goodwill, loss of savings, loss of data, waste of management, or occurrence of any indirect losses of reputation.

Section 12 of the sale of goods act 1979, defective products under the consumer protection act 1987 complies with our liability policy or agreement.

Although we ensure that our website meets security standards, in case of any unauthorized access to the information you provide us through our website, we won’t be responsible.

Other important terms

All the contracts are in English language and it is governed and owned by English law and is subjected to the English court.

No person other than the party to this agreement shall owe the right to apply any terms of this agreement. The agreement stays between us, and all the correspondence and negotiations will be accountable to the jurisdiction of the English court only.

Contact us

If you have any confusion or concerns regarding our terms or the website, please contact our customer service via Live chat or email us. 

Terms and Conditions for Business Customers


The following terms will be used throughout the terms and conditions. Here is their definition of clarity. 

  1. Day: calendar day
  2. Digital content: data that is originated in digital space
  3. Long-term contract: a contract that abides to provide regular delivery of given items, services, or digital content within a specific time period. 
  4. Durable medium: Any tool that allows the customer to store personal information that helps in future consultation or use for a specific period and also allows the use of that store without any alterations.
  5. Customer: A legal person which is delegating as a professional for a company.
  6. Entrepreneur:

The legal person that offers his products, and services to the customer.

  1. Distance contract:

A contract is signed between the entrepreneur and the customer to ensure an organized system of sales flow of products, services, and digital content. 

  1. Written: The ‘written’ includes communication via email and fax only if the identity of the sender is not private.
  2. Website: The entrepreneur’s digital workspace or webpage on which he provides goods and services to cater to customers. 
  3. Platform: An external space where the customers can enjoy goods and services brought to them by entrepreneurs.


  • The terms and conditions are valid and applicable for every distance contract between the entrepreneur and the customer itself.
  • If the customer refuses to accept the terms and conditions, then the conditions will only be applicable for the entrepreneur as mentioned in the written form. 
  • The information on these terms and conditions will be sent to the customer before the distance contract is entered. If this isn’t possible, the entrepreneur will decide the way terms and conditions are consulted and how and when to send it to the customer free of charge on special request.
  • The same case is applicable if the distance contract is concluded electronically.
  • In case any provision of these terms and conditions go void, the concerning provisions should be treated as the legally permitted provision. This is only applicable when other provisions stay fully in effect while one goes null. 

The offer

  • If the offer is valid for a limited time with some conditions, it will be mentioned in the offer only
  • The details of the product, digital content, or services will be explained in detail in the offer.
  • The offer information uploaded on the website is well revised and composed under professional supervision. However, there can be exceptions and mistakes in the offer and the entrepreneur doesn’t take the guarantee for it. There can be programming or human errors with subject to prices and other related information. 

The contract

  • The contract will be valid only once the customer accepts the offer and abides by the conditions. 
  • If the offer is accepted via electronic means by the customer, the entrepreneur will immediately send an acceptance receipt of the offer to the customer by electronic means. Once the offer is accepted by the entrepreneur the customer can terminate the contract.  
  • After the customer accepts the offer, the entrepreneur has all the rights to cancel the offer within 3 working days. In case of cancellation, the customer will be notified immediately by the entrepreneur. 
  • If the contract is accepted electronically, the entrepreneur will take all security measures to secure the electronic transfer of the data and assure a secure webspace. The entrepreneur ensures secure online payment methods.
  • In case the contract is accepted but the customer has provided incomplete or incorrect details, the entrepreneur can fulfill its obligation only after getting the correct details. 


  • All the prices mentioned on the website by the entrepreneur include VAT. Unless mentioned separately for other applicable charges. 
  • In addition to the above paragraph, the entrepreneur can offer products or services, whose prices keep fluctuating in the financial market and the entrepreneur has no control over it, at irregular prices. The fluctuation in the prices will target the price stated in the offer.
  • Changes in the prices can be made in the contract after 2 weeks. Customers that do not agree with the change can terminate the contract for free at any time.
  • Additional charges, like delivery charges and payment fees, will be mentioned on the website before proceeding with the order.

Efficiency of the contract with an Additional Guarantee 

  • The entrepreneur promised that the delivered services and products adhere to the contract. This is essential to understand that there can be minor divergence with specified sizes, quantities, weights, discoloration, and minor divergence in the color. Do not stand the entrepreneur accountable for any shortcomings in this regard.
  • It is the customer’s liability to check the goods delivered at that very moment, the customer should check whether the delivered goods meet the contract provision. This includes: correct goods delivered or not, the quantity is as mentioned in the contract, all personal and commercial requirements fulfilled or not.


In case of a defective item, the customer is requested to report within 14 days after delivery to the entrepreneur. In case of a non-visible defect, the customer should report to the entrepreneur within the 14 days at the latest after he/she could possibly find the defect. If the customer fails to follow any of these conditions, he/she won’t be entitled to any sort of repair, replacement or compensation or even a refund in case of defect. The customer will be held accountable for any kind of loss. 

  • If the entrepreneur finds the complaint valid and accepts it, the products will be repaired or replaced after consulting with the customer. The entrepreneur can later redirect the customer to get it done by the manufacturer or supplier. 

Delivery and execution

  • The entrepreneur can proceed with the orders that are accepted rapidly- as stated in these terms and conditions.
  • The entrepreneur has the right and leverage to entertain third parties if required to conduct duties mentioned within the contract. 
  • The delivery time should be specified and approximate. The entrepreneur is free to choose the carrier and the delivery time may depend on it.  
  • Products can be sold in parts or can be break-down in timely deliveries. The entrepreneur has a complete right to choose whatever is feasible. 
  • The risk of damage or loss of the product rests on the shoulders of the entrepreneur until the time of delivery. If the customer chooses to pick up the product by themselves then the risk is transferred to the customer when the products are handed over. 
  • If the customer is not present on the given address and on the agreed time to receive the products, the entrepreneur has the right to take the products back. With customer’s mutual consultation and with additional cost, the entrepreneur can make arrangements for a second attempt for delivery. If the delivery still fails, the payment will not be canceled along with the return and additional charges imposed on the customer.

Extended transactions: duration, termination, and extension


  • The customer can terminate a long-run contract that is valid for an indefinite period and is applicable for regular deliveries products, services, or digital content. The termination rule will be taken into account before proceeding further, along with a notice period of 2 months.
  • The customer can also terminate a contract that is valid for a definite period and is applicable for regular deliveries products (electricity included), services, and digital content. The termination rule will be taken into account before proceeding further, along with the notice period of more than 2 months.
  • The customer can terminate the contract in writing.


  • The contract that is valid for a specific period of time with regular delivery of products including electricity, services, and digital content can get an extension for a definite time period automatically. 
  • The mentioned periods of notice are applicable for terminations by the entrepreneur as well.


  • The customer is liable to pay the entrepreneur within the order process period by choosing one of the payment methods mentioned on the website, which is more suitable for the customer. The entrepreneur has diverse payment methods for the ease of the customer. The customer will have to get 14 days’ time to clear all the payments. The time duration for installments is treated separately as mentioned by our pricing policy mentioned with each product. 
  • If the customer doesn’t pay within the given time span he will be liable by the law without any prior notice. The entrepreneur has the legal right to increase the payable amount by imposing a statutory rate and charge extra pennies for extrajudicial cost from the customer.

Retention of title

  • The entrepreneur holds the ownership of the goods until it's delivered and fully paid by the customer.


  • The entrepreneur shall not be responsible for the customer for any kind of direct or indirect damage, but not liable for consequential damage, loss of profit, loss of business goodwill, loss of data, loss of savings, etc.
  • The customer reimburses the entrepreneur against any alleges related to third parties, except in case of deliberate recklessness at the entrepreneur’s end. 
  • The above liability doesn’t apply in the case of loss endured by the customer caused by reselling defective products bought from the entrepreneur, just in case the client of the customer plans to take legal action against them.
  • In case the contractor fails to efficiently work permanently, the liability of an entrepreneur due to an acknowledged failure to accomplish an agreement shall only apply if the customer informs the entrepreneur immediately in writing with a specific deadline for alleviating the failure and the entrepreneur will stay as a defaulter after that term. The notice for the defaulter should explain the complete purpose with possible shortcomings. So that the entrepreneur gets an adequate amount of time to justify on its end.
  • For any sort of compensation, the customer should report immediately to the entrepreneur in writing and tell in detail about the condition of the product. But this should not take more than 14 days. The damage that has not been reported to the entrepreneur within the given time is not eligible for compensation, unless the customer requests an extension and explains his reason for the delay or not informed within the time bracket.
  • In case of unforeseen circumstances or situations, the entrepreneur shall not be liable to pay for any damage to the customer.

Complaints procedure

  • The entrepreneur has an adequate complaint procedure and encourages the customer to read it and apply for it respectively.
  • Complaints that comprise the performance of the contract should be submitted to the entrepreneur only with a detailed and clear overview of the concern within a reasonable time period after the customer has found the visible or non-visible defects.
  • Complaints sent to the entrepreneur will be answered within a period of 14 days, starting from the date of receipt. If a complaint needs a detailed reply over the issue raised by the customer, the entrepreneur will reply within the 14days with a confirmation of the receipt and informs the customer when they should expect an extensive reply.


  • The law owns the contract made between the customer and entrepreneur along with terms and conditions applied. And this contract is kept confidential to respect the privacy of both the entrepreneur as well as the customer.
  • Any open dispute that could not be resolved between the customer and entrepreneur personally will eventually be submitted to the court. The entrepreneur and customer will have to settle their dispute according to the court’s order and they will have to stand by it by all the means. The choices will be limited and might not be entertained by both parties. Thus, it’s beneficial to sort out the dispute before taking it up to the court.

Terms of use


  • Account

The account that the user operates to place orders and participates in activities and drop reviews regarding the product or services. 

  • Third-Party Seller(s)

A third party offers the products or services to the user through the website. 

  • User: Any visitor on the website
  • Terms and Conditions of Use: The following terms and conditions of use for the website Pay Later Alligator.
  •  Review: a review can be dropped by the user of pay later alligator or by the third party seller.
  • Auctions: The Auctions that are controlled by pay later alligator on the Website.
  • Website: the website with the URL eagerly found by pay later alligator or any other websites or application devoted by pay later alligator.


  • The terms and conditions of the use are suitable for any website, including the use of the account. 
  • Pay later alligator reserve all the rights to make necessary changes in terms and conditions of use at any time. The revised terms and conditions of use will be imposed once it's published for the customer to read on the website. For this reason, it is recommended to check and read the terms and conditions of use regularly. 

Customer Account

  • It is essential to make an account in order to place an order or to leave a review or participate in auctions. If you are a new user, fill in the form that will require your name, email address, and phone number. All the information should be filled accurately and completely in order to proceed further and to avoid any further problems.


  • To create an Account the User must:
  1. Be above 18 or exactly 18 at the time of account request b. Have a valid and active email address, where they will receive information regarding their order.
  • After the account has been created, the user will be notified through a confirmation email. As soon as the account is activated, the user can log in by using his or her email address and a unique and confidential password, which should not be compromised or shared by anyone.
  • An account can be used for a single user, the same account and email address cannot be used to create another account. The account should be strictly personal and not interchangeable. The account is a sole property, which can’t be used for a multi-purpose account. 
  • The user must ensure that the personal information provided by them should be correct for any future correspondence with pay later alligator, it should be correct and accurate as well as updated. For any sort of alterations in the personal data, the user can log in to her/his account and amend the necessary changes.
  • The user should keep its password and personal information confidential and must take practical measures to prevent any third parties from getting access to important data or information. The password should be strong and highly confidential. 
  • The user is bound to immediately notify pay later alligator in case of loss, left, or unauthorized access to his/her password and account via a third party. Until the notification is received by pay later alligator, the user will be held accountable for any loss or damage resulting in the violation of the password and account eventually. 
  • If the pay later alligator suspects any sort of suspicious illegal activity or unauthorized access to the password or account of the user, the pay later alligator has all the rights to block accounts of such users to safeguard their personal data. They might recover the damage resulting in a privacy invasion in most cases. Pay later alligator is not accountable for the damage the user suffered and is not liable to the user for any compensation.

Use of the Website

  • The user assures that the information provided by him about his data is correct, complete, and reliable. Pay later alligator reserve the right to check and remove the provided information from the user at any time, they check if the information provided by the user is complete and authentic. It should be checked and proven that the data shared by the user is correct and is not obsolete or old data. Everything shared through the website should be updated and authentic. 

The User is not allowed to:

  • Do any sort of activity that might disrupt the smooth operations of the website. Or use any software to interrupt and disrupt the functions of the website by any means.
  • Act as an imposter on behalf of other users. This is strictly not allowed
  • Any illegal activity that affects the use of a website or harms it anyway is strictly prohibited and falls under cybercrime. This may affect other users on the website, and disturb their online experience on the website. 
  • The user is not allowed to replicate or use any information from the website pay later alligator, not even a single part is allowed to be copied. All the content, images, and links are the intellectual property of pay later alligator and cannot be used without their consent. If pay later alligator grants the permission in writing to use their website or the content, only then is it allowed. Otherwise, means of deep linking is not allowed. 


  • The general terms and conditions and return conditions are stated by the pay later alligator on the website only before proceeding for the complete order. These conditions are applicable for each order placed by the user through the website and while proceeding with the order means the user has accepted the conditions. Generally, when a user creates an account on the website he agrees with the terms and conditions and that he abides by the rules and understands each and every condition properly. These conditions are applied to each order the user makes.
  • For orders through any third party seller, the terms and conditions and return conditions are still applicable, but the conditions applicable are of the third party seller only which is provided on their website rather than on the website of pay later alligator. These third-party sellers are found on the pay later alligator website. In case the terms and conditions of the third party seller are not mentioned on their website, then the terms and conditions stated by pay later alligator is applicable to the purchase agreement between the user and the third party seller. 


  • The auction conditions of pay later alligator is only valid and liable to the participants, the auction is held by pay later alligator on their website. Generally, the user accepts the auction terms and conditions while creating an account on the website. But it is not enforced on the user until he/she takes part in the auction. To participate in the auction, the user should read the terms and conditions before planning to be a part of it.
  • It is not allowed on any grounds to misuse or inadequately influence the bidding process in any way that will be committing a crime. Pay later alligator has all the rights to take action against such users who interfere and mislead the website operation will be blocked from using the website in the future.


  • After a successful purchase through the website, the user will be asked to leave a review regarding their purchase experience and the product review along with the delivery timings, pricing, and quality. However, pay later alligator reserves the right to publish or not to publish the reviews on the website or anywhere else. The review can be anonymous at the user’s request or can be with their name and date. The user is free to write suggestions and a short review of the experience with pay later alligator. However, the user is not forced to write, it is a choice for the user.  
  • In case the third party collects the review on the behalf of pay later alligator, the general terms and conditions conducted by the third party are applicable to those reviews. Pay later alligators do have the right over these reviews and can take action on the third party's behalf.
  • As mentioned above, pay later alligator has the rights to publish or remove the reviews permanently from the website if the third party seller proves that the review is inappropriate in the following sense.
  1. If it violates the legislation, rules, and regulations of terms and conditions 
  2. If it breaches public privacy or decency in any manner
  3. If the review is restricted to the product only rather than an honest review regarding the services 
  4. If the review doesn’t belong to the third party seller or is rewritten or copy-pasted by any means
  5. If the review has personal information of the third party, which is an invasion of privacy 
  6. If the review contains a URL or advertisement of the product or taken from any other source, it has to be honest and written by the user only.
  7. The review should not be a fraud, a cheat, or dishonest

Terminating the Account and Website functionalities

  • Pay later alligator has the complete right to refuse, terminate, or completely block the user account if he/she breaches or violates any terms and conditions prescribed on the website by pay later alligator. The following are reasons for the pay later alligator to terminate the account of the user.
  1. Use of abusive language and unauthorized use of website or account
  2. If the user fails to adhere and abide by the terms and conditions of use and the auction conditions, his/her account can be terminated or blocked permanently
  3. If the user fails to follow the agreement made between them, pay the later alligator and the third party seller. In case the agreement is not fully filled in terms of their conditions and policies, the user’s account can be terminated.
  • Pay later alligator has the right to limit the use or temporarily block the account of the user if they find any suspicious activity or if the user revokes certain rules and conditions already mentioned on the website.
  • Pay later alligator has the right to make amendments in the websites and change the functionalities of the website as per their feasibility and policies. This can be done at any time and the user will be notified on the website prior. 

Privacy and Personal data

  • The personal data provided by the user such as name, address, phone number, and email address are recorded in the files maintained by the pay later alligator team and they have access and ownership to these data of the users. This personal data is the property of pay later alligator and they can use it according to the terms and conditions mentioned on the website. The personal data is collected to manage accounts and auctions, process orders, arrange deliveries, and to generate an invoice. The correct data is required to settle any sort of dispute between the user and the third party seller in the future.
  • The user has complete access to the account created on the website, he can make changes in the personal data provided by him only at any time, and the pay later alligator will save the updated information and use it for further process as mentioned in the above paragraph. As a principle and security concern, pay later alligators will not provide or transfer the personal data of the user unless it is required by the user to continue with the agreement. Pay later alligator provides the personal data of the user such as name, address, phone number, and email address for the execution of purchase agreement between the user and the third party seller.
  • The communication between the user and the third party seller is done via emails, and these emails are monitored by pay later alligator itself. This is done to ensure that the personal data of the user is not misused. The communication is stored on the servers of pay later alligator and they have the right to access it anytime in order to. 
  1. Assist and help the use or third party seller in case of issues in order or operations of the website
  2. To check whether the third-party seller meets the requirements of the services promised to the pay later alligator. 
  3. To analyse and improvise if needed at any point and take action according to it.
  • The pay later alligator uses cookies. Cookies are basically a setup to store the login data of the user, it stores the necessary data to enhance and boost the website experience. It also stores the cookies of third parties on the website.
  • The user gets an option from their browser, where they can select if they allow them to receive cookies or not. The user can choose not to allow cookies for the website, however, this may affect the experience of the website for the user. The user may not be able to access certain functionalities of the website or gets limited or partial access to the website. If you accept cookies, you may get a smooth browsing experience on the website. 
  • If a pay later alligator finds any suspicious activity which can be abusive or illegal access to the website, they have the right to store the visitor’s behavior on the website such as their IP address along with the other important information). This is only applicable in case there is something suspicious found on the website.
  • For further and detailed information on how to pay later alligator uses personal data and deploy cookies on the website, please check to pay later alligator’s privacy policy on the website. 

Intellectual property and third party information

  • Unless specified otherwise, all rights including the copyrights of the information provided by the user on the website are the intellectual property of Pay later alligator. This information is shared with the third parties only to proceed with the purchase agreement between them and the user, otherwise third parties do not hold any right to use the information or make it available publically. All the rights are reserved by pay later alligators. 
  • The user is as mentioned in other articles above is requested to make copies of the information shared by him on the website, by storing or printing for future perspectives. The store information cannot be used by any other website to reproduce (parts) of the website on the internet separately or to create connections or hyperlinks with the part of the website. It is not prohibited and comes under the cybercrime to steal or copy-paste someone’s property or content without their consent. The information can only be used with the written consent of pay later alligator, otherwise, it’s strictly not allowed.
  • The partial information on the website is provided by third parties such as reviews and product details. Pay later alligator is not liable or held responsible for any incorrect, and wrong information provided by the third parties to the user through the website. Pay later alligator has no role to play with obsolete or incomplete information provided by third parties on behalf of the website.
  • The website may contain external links to other internet pages, pay later alligator is not responsible for information features by those webpages or the use of those websites. They are just external links, and pay later alligator has no authority over them and their content and usage.


  • The user understands and agrees that in the case of purchasing orders from the third parties, pay later alligators won’t pay any part in between the agreement made by the user and the third party at any cost. The agreement is sole with the consent of the user and third party only and the user acknowledges this.
  • Pay later alligator is not obliged or bound to assess the quality, quantity, and capacity of the products offered by the third parties on the website. Pay later alligator is not held answerable in case the information shared about the product details is incorrect, incomplete, or wrong by any means. Pay later alligators won’t entertain such issues on behalf of the third parties and it should not be treated as the shortcomings by them.
  • Payment later alligator is only liable to the damage incurred depending on the price of the product invoiced by the third party to the user in any case.
  • No matter what the nature of liability pay later alligators hold, the insurance compensates on the behalf of pay later alligators in such cases.


  • If one or more of the provisions of these terms and conditions of use become invalid, in executable, or no longer binding, the other provisions stay active in its full form and stay functional until further notice available by the pay later alligator on the website. In such cases usually, pay later alligator changes the provisions with a new one instantly and it is done by informing and notifying the users on the website. It is recommended to read terms and conditions every time a user visits the website. 
  • Dutch law is solely applicable for the use and terms and conditions provided by the pay later alligator website.
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