Take advantage of launch event : Free Delivery on All Products

Free Delivery on All Products


Delivery & Refunds

Because of the demand, there are actually slight deferrals in our administration. We are prompting all clients:

Client assistance inquiries through messages will be reacted to inside 3 working days.

All requests will be conveyed inside 5 working days from buy.

There is a brief pause on spare part arrangements; conveyance on these things could take up to 10 working days. There is a devoted group overseeing demands for new parts, guaranteeing the snappiest delivery workable for these things.

Standard Delivery Terms - Currently not valid due to COVID-19 


1. What amount of time will my delivery require?

We intend to deliver most things inside 2 to 8 working days, the following day in the event that you submit your request before noontime.

The following data can accommodate most things; this will be sent to you by email alongside your request affirmation.

Sadly we cannot give the following data to orders sent by Royal Mail.

2. Do you deliver abroad?

We can dispatch chosen items abroad, yet we would ordinarily anticipate that you should take care of the expenses of delivery.

Tragically, we are as of now incapable to deliver items abroad when bought through our site. To acquire a delivery quote, if you do not mind reach us.

3. By what method will my thing be delivered?

Littler things will be delivered by Parcelforce. In the event that you are not in, you will be checked for assortment at your nearby mailing station.

Bigger things are delivered by a following messenger administration, because of the size these things will be gotten back to the station in case you are not ready to take delivery.

Our biggest items (complete play areas and playhouses) will be palletized and require booking in on a particular date for delivery. You will be reached ahead of time to mastermind the delivery; kindly guarantee that you can get the conveyance on that day.

A few of our extra parts are sent by Royal Mail. Lamentably, we cannot give the following subtleties to these things.

4. What would it be a good idea for me to pay special mind to?

Huge numbers of our bigger things are delivered in a few sections, this is a result of the sizes and loads of the items.

Your request may incorporate parts, for example,

Wood packs: These are the gets that make together with the wooden parts to your toy. They are built and bundled cautiously with the goal that no parts should drop out.

Equipment box: The equipment box contains the nuts, fasteners, and screws important to assemble your toy. It might likewise contain extras, for example, swing seats and grappling ropes. On most things the equipment box likewise contains the terrifically significant get-together guidelines!

On a portion of our littler play places, the equipment might be contained inside the wood pack.

Slide: If your toy has one, this will show up as a different segment.

Where your thing is required to be delivered in parts, we will tell you on your delivery following precisely what to pay special mind to. We do not right now permit our dispatches to make part conveyances, so all pieces of your toy ought to be conveyed simultaneously.

5. There is an issue with my delivery. What would it be advisable for me to do?

In the event that you accept that something is absent or harmed from your delivery if you do not mind get in touch with us as quickly as time permits.

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